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Most Controversial WWE Storylines Ever: Vince McMahon “Death” and more

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has long been the pinnacle of professional wrestling, captivating audiences worldwide with its unique blend of athleticism, drama, and entertainment.

However, not all storylines have been well-received. Some have pushed the boundaries of taste and appropriateness, leading to controversy and criticism.

This article delves into some of the most controversial storylines in WWE history.

What are the most Controversial WWE Storylines ever?

Kurt Angle’s Obsession with Booker T’s Wife

In 2005, WWE scripted a storyline where Kurt Angle developed an unsettling obsession with Booker T’s wife, Sharmell.

This angle, which involved sexual harassment and stalking themes, was widely criticized for its distasteful and uncomfortable nature. It represented a dark chapter in Angle’s otherwise illustrious career.

DDP as a Stalker

Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), a celebrated WCW champion, entered WWE only to be portrayed as a stalker, obsessively following The Undertaker’s wife.

This storyline was a far cry from DDP’s charismatic persona in WCW and was seen as a misuse of his talents, leading to a decline in his wrestling career.

Kane and Lita’s Twisted Tale

In 2004, WWE presented a storyline involving Kane, Lita, and Matt Hardy.

It featured Kane coercing Lita into a relationship and a subsequent pregnancy, culminating in a bizarre wedding. The angle was criticized for its poor taste and lack of credibility.

Vince McMahon’s Faked Death in WWE

In 2007, WWE aired a storyline where Vince McMahon was presumed dead following a limousine explosion.

This angle was abruptly ended due to the real-life death of Chris Benoit. The storyline was seen as disrespectful and in poor taste, especially when compared to genuine tributes to deceased wrestlers.

Exploiting Eddie Guerrero’s Death

Eddie Guerrero’s untimely death in 2005 was a significant loss to the wrestling world.

However, WWE’s decision to use his death as a storyline element, particularly in feuds involving Rey Mysterio, was seen as exploitative and disrespectful to Guerrero’s legacy.

Muhammad Hassan’s Terrorist Angle

Muhammad Hassan, portrayed by an American wrestler, was a character that drew heat for embodying terrorist stereotypes.

A particularly contentious segment aired coincidentally with the London bombings in 2005, leading to international criticism and the eventual removal of Hassan from WWE programming.

Mae Young’s Bizarre WWE Storyline

Mae Young’s storyline with Mark Henry, where she gave birth to a hand, stands out as one of the most bizarre and widely criticized moments in WWE history. It was seen as a low point in WWE’s creative storytelling.


  • What makes a WWE storyline controversial? Controversial storylines often involve sensitive subjects like death, exploitation, or stereotypes, handled in a way that many find disrespectful or in poor taste.
  • Has WWE ever acknowledged these controversial storylines as mistakes? WWE has occasionally acknowledged missteps in their storytelling, often making changes in response to audience backlash or real-world events.
  • Do controversial storylines affect the wrestlers involved? Yes, wrestlers can be impacted by these storylines, both in terms of public perception and their personal comfort with the content they are asked to portray.
  • How does WWE balance shock value with decency? WWE tries to balance shock value with decency by gauging audience reactions and sometimes adjusting storylines that are particularly poorly received.
  • Can controversial storylines have a lasting impact on WWE’s reputation? Yes, particularly controversial storylines can have a lasting impact on WWE’s reputation, influencing how audiences and critics view the organization.
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