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WWE Rumor Roundup: Sasha Banks getting HUGE match in Japan?

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Times are changing in WWE, as is the rumor mill and our daily roundup, and it remains full of juicy pro wrestling content to keep you on the edge of your seats.

We are now in a post-Vince McMahon world after the infamous owner stepped down from the company following a series of accusations and scandals.

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Today’s Rumor Roundup for WWE

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Why are so many wrestlers leaving WWE?

A variety of reasons. Some get better offers from competing companies (AEW for example), some are burned out or injured and some are released by WWE. This happens on a pretty regular basis and you can keep track of all the latest releases by WWE right here.

Who is the biggest competitor of WWE?

That would be All Elite Wrestling (AEW), which is the second biggest wrestling franchise in the United States. It is owned by Tony Khan, the son of NFL Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan.

Is WWE changing back to WWF?

Good question and one that STILL gets asked a lot. The simple answer is no, absolutely not. The term ‘WWF’ was patented by the World Wildlife Fund way back in 1961. So good luck anybody trying to pull this one off.

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