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Becky Lynch hilariously reacts to BOTCH on WWE RAW

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Becky Lynch, a name that resonates with wrestling enthusiasts worldwide, recently faced an unexpected hiccup during her appearance on WWE RAW.

Known for her prowess in the ring and her ability to captivate audiences, even the best sometimes have their off moments. And for Becky, this came in the form of a microphone botch.

During a recent episode of Monday Night RAW, Becky Lynch was set to defend her NXT Women’s Championship. The anticipation was high, as Tegan Nox was expected to answer Becky’s open challenge for the title.

However, in a twist, Natalya stepped up to the plate. Despite the unexpected change, Natalya couldn’t clinch the title from ‘Big Time Becks’.

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Becky Lynch: The Microphone Mishap

While the match itself had its moments, what caught the attention of many was a particular incident involving Becky and the microphone.

A fan, quick to capture the moment, shared a clip on Twitter where Becky can be seen stumbling over her words.

But in true Becky Lynch style, she immediately acknowledged the error, candidly admitting, “I messed that up.”

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Fan Reactions and Future Prospects

The world of wrestling is as much about the personalities as it is about the matches. Fans are often forgiving, understanding that everyone can have an off day.

The incident has sparked discussions among the WWE community, with many curious about how Becky will be portrayed in future episodes, especially as the NXT Women’s Champion.

There’s a strong desire among fans to see her hold onto the title for an extended period, given her history and contributions to the sport.

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