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Bianca Belair Reveals Her Battle with Depression

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Bianca Belair, a prominent figure in the wrestling world, has recently opened up about her personal struggles with depression in an interview on the Baby, This Is Keke Palmer podcast.

This revelation provides a deeper insight into the life of the former WWE RAW Women’s Champion, showcasing her resilience and strength both inside and outside the ring.

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Bianca Belair: The Onset of Her Struggles

Bianca’s battle with depression began during her college days. It was a challenging period for her, marked by significant emotional turmoil.

She candidly shared that during this time, she was on medication and even had to be hospitalised. While she is not currently experiencing the depths of depression, Bianca acknowledges that certain triggers can still evoke those feelings.

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Montez Ford’s Unwavering Support

Montez Ford, another renowned figure in the wrestling community, has been a pillar of support for Bianca. She recalled an instance when they had planned a vacation together.

Upon returning from a tour, Bianca expressed her reluctance to go on the trip, feeling overwhelmed by the thought of boarding a plane and staying in a hotel.

Montez, understanding her feelings, empathetically responded, “Me neither, I get it.” This incident highlights the importance of having a supportive partner who understands and respects one’s emotional boundaries.

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Breaking the Stigma

Bianca’s decision to speak openly about her mental health struggles is commendable. By sharing her experiences on platforms like the “Baby, This Is Keke Palmer” podcast, she is playing a pivotal role in breaking the stigma associated with mental health issues.

Her story serves as a beacon of hope for many, demonstrating that it’s possible to overcome personal challenges and achieve greatness.

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  • When did Bianca’s battle with depression begin?
    • During her college days.
  • How has Montez Ford supported Bianca?
    • He has been understanding and empathetic, respecting her feelings and emotional boundaries.
  • Where did Bianca recently discuss her struggles with depression?
    • On the “Baby, This Is Keke Palmer” podcast.
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