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HUGE Rumoured plans for Bray Wyatt before hiatus

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The wrestling world was abuzz with anticipation as Bray Wyatt, the enigmatic Eater of Worlds, was gearing up for a showdown at WrestleMania against Bobby Lashley.

However, in a twist that left fans and insiders alike scratching their heads, Wyatt vanished from the scene.

This unexpected hiatus led to a whirlwind of speculation and a series of abandoned creative plans.

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Bray Wyatt: Mysterious Absence

Bray Wyatt’s sudden departure from the limelight was unexpected, especially considering he was on the path to one of the biggest events in the wrestling calendar.

His absence has raised many questions. While he remains employed with WWE, he’s conspicuously absent from the internal roster.

Moreover, he hasn’t been spotted at recent television tapings or even at the WWE headquarters.

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The New Wyatt Family That Could Have Been

One of the most tantalizing tidbits to emerge from this saga is the revelation of WWE’s plans for a revamped Wyatt Family. Sources from Ringside News have shed light on this, revealing that the company had intentions to introduce a fresh iteration of the Wyatt Family.

This new faction was rumoured to include several Superstars who’ve been making waves in the rumour mill.

A supposed source from the WWE creative team disclosed that Mike Bennett, Alexa Bliss, and Bo Dallas were all slated to be integral members of this new Wyatt Family.

While there were whispers about Eric Young being a part of this group, it was confirmed that no such pitch was made for him.

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The Creative Conundrum with Eric Young and Alexa Bliss

Eric Young’s role in WWE seemed to be on the rise, with many speculating a significant position for him. However, the creative plans were more centred around Bray, Bo, and others.

Alexa Bliss, on the other hand, was also considered to join the Wyatt Family. But these plans were shelved when it became evident that she would be taking maternity leave and wouldn’t be active for the entirety of 2023.

Currently, Alexa is relishing her time away, embracing her pregnancy hiatus. As for Bo Dallas, while he isn’t currently portraying the character of Uncle Howdy, there’s always the possibility of him stepping into that role in the future.

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