Former WWE writer: Finn Balor lost US Title due to backstage politics

Finn Balor United States WWE Champion

Image Copyright @WWE

Former WWE Writer and WCW President Vince Russo recently discussed Finn Balor losing the United States Title and how it was influenced by backstage politics.

Speaking on Legion of RAW, Russo noted how there was clearly “something” going on backstage with the former NJPW star.

“Again, there’s politics behind that [Balor’s losses]” Russo noted on the show. “We don’t know what they are, we probably will never know. No doubt about it, that’s part of the influence, you know.”

Vince Russo on Finn Balor

“Can you imagine a baseball player strikes out and now, ‘Okay, bro, you’re riding the bench for the rest of the year. You struck out.’ You really cannot say the wrong thing in WWE, you can’t do the wrong thing, you can’t look at somebody funny, it’s literally like walking on eggshells” Russo concluded.

There’s currently no indication that WWE is looking to release Finn Balor anytime soon. Sadly, the former Bullet Club leader isn’t being looked at as a priority by the company right now.

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