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AEW star considered ‘easy catch’ for WWE to sign

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A AEW star is reportedly considered an ‘easy’ catch for WWE to sign when their contract for All Elite Wrestling comes up.

According to a new report/rumour from Boozer Wrestling, they believe that Hook will be someone that WWE can get fairly easily when his contract is up.

“Personally; I think Hook is the easiest catch for WWE atm. Taz wants him to go. HBK n H wants him. I don’t know about his contract. But I believe he could be the first of many” the account claimed on Twitter.

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AEW star Hook to WWE?

It’s worth noting that these rumours from Boozer Wrestling are just that, rumours, as we are unable to verify whether or not the report is legitimate at this time.

Considering that Boozer has been pretty on the mark over the past few months, it is certainly interesting that they see that the opposition has interest in Taz’s son.

It’s also VERY intriguing that Taz, who works for All Elite, also apparently ‘wants’ his son to head over to WWE at some point…allegedly.

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