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Kurt Angle reveals that he wanted shock member for massive TNA stable

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In a surprising revelation, Kurt Angle, the Olympic gold medalist and professional wrestling legend, recently disclosed that Tyson Tomko was originally intended to be a part of the Main Event Mafia, a prominent faction in Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling.

This disclosure came during an episode of his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show.

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Kurt Angle on Tyson Tomko’s Abrupt Departure

Tomko was on the verge of becoming a member of the Main Event Mafia before his sudden departure from TNA in 2008.

The Main Event Mafia, a group that boasted members such as Sting, Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Scott Steiner, was set to welcome Tomko despite him not being a main eventer.

Angle expressed his surprise at Tomko’s unexpected exit, stating that he was unsure whether it was due to financial reasons or a desire to wrestle in Japan.

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The Impact of Tomko’s Exit on TNA

Tomko’s departure from TNA left a significant impact on the wrestling organization and the Main Event Mafia. Angle revealed, “He was going to be in a good spot if he would have stayed.

I was really surprised that he left.” Tomko’s tenure in TNA, which lasted from 2006 to 2008, saw him primarily serving as the henchman of Christian Cage.

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Kurt Angle: In-depth Discussion on the Main Event Mafia

In his podcast, Angle also delved into the intricacies of the Main Event Mafia, including his attempts to make the audience boo Sting, a beloved figure in professional wrestling.

This discussion provided fans with a deeper understanding of the dynamics within the group and the strategies they employed to engage the audience.

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The Legacy of the Main Event Mafia

Despite Tomko’s abrupt exit, the Main Event Mafia left a lasting legacy in TNA. The group, which included some of the biggest names in professional wrestling, played a significant role in shaping the landscape of TNA during its existence.

The revelation of Tomko’s intended inclusion in the group adds a new layer to the history of the Main Event Mafia, offering fans a glimpse into what might have been.

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