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WWE Legend reveals how he LEGITIMATELY wrestled Brock Lesnar and BEAT HIM

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In the world of professional wrestling, tales of real-life confrontations between superstars often become the stuff of legend. One such tale involves WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle and the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar.

While both have had illustrious careers inside the squared circle, it’s their behind-the-scenes encounter that has left fans buzzing.

Kurt Angle, during his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, didn’t hold back in expressing his admiration for Brock Lesnar.

He described Lesnar as the best athlete he’s ever faced in the ring, especially considering his impressive 310-pound frame. Angle’s words were not just empty praises; he had firsthand experience of Lesnar’s prowess.

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The Real Wrestling Match

The story goes that when Lesnar was fresh from his training at OVW, someone posed a question to him about how he’d fare against Kurt Angle in a real wrestling match.

Lesnar’s confident response was that he’d easily defeat Angle. When Angle got wind of this, he was eager to test the waters. However, their first potential face-off was postponed as Lesnar was wearing sandals and didn’t fancy wrestling barefoot.

But the following week, after witnessing Lesnar’s incredible strength in lifting and slamming “The Big Show” Paul Wight, who weighs over 500 pounds, Angle saw his chance.

He approached Lesnar, tapped him on the shoulder, and simply said, “It’s time to go.” What followed was a 15-minute wrestling showdown. While many wrestlers claim that Angle dominated Lesnar, Angle himself clarified that it wasn’t a complete domination. He managed to take Lesnar down twice, while Lesnar couldn’t take him down even once.

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Angle’s Techniques against Lesnar

When asked about the techniques he employed to tackle the beast, Angle revealed that he used “duck-unders”.

These moves were particularly effective against Lesnar’s double-leg takedowns. Angle explained that he would counter Lesnar’s moves in a flurry, rather than relying on a single manoeuvre.

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Their Professional Encounters

While their real-life wrestling match remains a highlight, Angle and Lesnar have had several encounters in the professional wrestling arena.

One of the most notable bouts was at WWE WrestleMania 19, which is often remembered for Lesnar’s botched shooting star press.

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