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Former WWE Superstar makes a BIG claim about Lacey Evans

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, where the line between reality and performance often blurs, it’s not uncommon for wrestlers to be misunderstood or misjudged by the public and their peers. However, AJ Francis, formerly known as Top Dolla in WWE, recently shed light on the true character of Lacey Evans, a fellow WWE alum, in a way that challenges the public perception.

Speaking on the ‘WrestleBinge’ podcast by Sportskeeda, Francis, who has shared the ring and backstage areas with many wrestlers, offered a candid insight into Evans’ personality.

Contrary to the flak she often receives online, Francis described Evans as “genuinely one of the nicest people” he encountered during his tenure in WWE.

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The Hardworking Lacey Evans

Evans, who left WWE in August 2023 when her contract concluded, has been a polarising figure in the wrestling world. Francis highlighted her dedication and work ethic, noting that despite her claim that WWE wasn’t her passion, her hard work suggested otherwise.

This observation by Francis offers a glimpse into the often unseen or unacknowledged efforts wrestlers put into their craft, regardless of their personal feelings towards the industry.

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The Reality Behind the Character

Evans, born Macey Estrella-Kadlec, has had an intriguing journey to and through professional wrestling. Originally introduced to the sport while serving as a military police officer in the Marines, Evans transitioned from the independent circuit to WWE, showcasing her athletic prowess and character work.

Francis’ comments serve as a reminder that behind the larger-than-life characters wrestlers portray, there are real people with diverse backgrounds and personalities.

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Lacey Evans: Her Future Endeavors

With her departure from WWE, the future holds various possibilities for Evans.

Whether she continues in wrestling, takes a different career path, or focuses on personal endeavours, her journey in WWE, as highlighted by Francis, has been marked by hard work and a pleasant demeanour, contrary to some public perceptions.


  • Who is Lacey Evans?
    • Lacey Evans, real name Macey Estrella-Kadlec, is a professional wrestler who was previously with WWE and has a background as a military police officer in the Marines.
  • What did AJ Francis say about Macey Estrella?
    • AJ Francis, also known as Top Dolla, described Lacey Evans as one of the nicest people he met in WWE, highlighting her hard work and pleasant personality.
  • Why is Lacey Evans a polarizing figure?
    • Lacey Evans has been a polarizing figure due to her character work in WWE and the general perception in the wrestling community, which often differs from her real-life personality.
  • What is the significance of Francis’ comments?
    • Francis’ comments are significant as they offer a different perspective on Lacey Evans, showcasing her as a hardworking and genuinely nice person, contrary to some public opinions.
  • What’s next for Lacey Evans?
    • With her WWE contract ended, the future is open for Lacey Evans, whether in wrestling or other endeavours.
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