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RISING WWE Superstar REFUTES claims that she was BURIED

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, where storylines and character arcs can change in the blink of an eye, one recent topic of discussion has been the alleged ‘burying’ of WWE Superstar Tiffany Stratton.

The discourse emerged after Tiffany’s recent loss to Becky Lynch on NXT. However, in a candid conversation, Stratton has refuted these claims, shedding light on her perspective of the match and her journey in WWE.

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Tiffany Stratton’s Take on the WWE NXT Match

Tiffany Stratton’s recent loss to Becky Lynch for the NXT Women’s Championship on the September 12th episode of NXT sparked a flurry of online discussions.

Fans and critics alike speculated whether Stratton was ‘buried’ by this defeat. However, in an interview with, Stratton shared her views, offering a fresh perspective on the matter.

She emphatically stated, “No, not even in the slightest [was I buried]. I feel like even being in the same ring with Becky Lynch just immediately makes my stock go up.”

Stratton’s words reflect her confidence and belief in her abilities. She continued, “I definitely feel like Becky brought out the best in me in that match. And even though I lost the title, I feel like I did not come out with a loss. Like I feel like I gained so much from that one match, even though I lost.”

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Becky Lynch’s Influence on Younger Talent

Becky Lynch, a seasoned wrestler and a significant figure in WWE, is known for her dedication to the sport and her willingness to uplift younger talent.

Stratton’s comments highlight this aspect of Lynch’s character. “She’s always trying to help out the younger talent. She wants the best for everybody there. And you can definitely tell that for sure,” Stratton remarked.

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What’s Next for Tiffany Stratton?

Despite the recent loss, Tiffany Stratton’s journey in WWE is far from over. She is scheduled to challenge Becky Lynch for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT No Mercy in an Extreme Rules match.

This upcoming bout promises to be a thrilling encounter, and fans are eagerly awaiting the showdown.

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