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UFC LEGEND was offered to fight Logan Paul under the WWE banner

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In a surprising turn of events, UFC legend Nate Diaz was presented with an opportunity to step into the ring with WWE star Logan Paul.

The offer, described as “very interesting and attractive,” came from Zach Rosenfield, President of Real Fight Inc (Per Marc Raimondi of ESPN).

However, the involvement of WWE in the potential fight seemed to have dampened Diaz’s interest.

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Diaz’s Stance on WWE Involvement

Diaz, known for his real and raw fighting style, expressed his disinterest in participating in a real fight under the WWE banner.

“The WWE came in and then they wanted to take over the whole thing,” Diaz said. “And I’m like, ‘I just got out of the UFC, why am I going to sign with WWE?’ I fight for real. I’m not gonna be doing a real fight on a WWE card or no funny stuff like that.”

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Logan Paul: His Response

Logan Paul, on the other hand, seemed to dismiss Diaz’s concerns as a “weak cop-out.” He argued that being a real fighter doesn’t preclude one from benefiting from the promotional power of the “biggest sports organisation in the world.”

He also suggested that he would be a more challenging opponent than his brother, Jake Paul, whom Diaz is set to face in a boxing match. “I’m the harder fight. I’m the bigger brother, I’m the stronger brother, I’m the faster brother,” Logan stated.

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