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WWE Superstar wants to work with his WIFE on television again after failed first attempt

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WWE superstar Seth Rollins has expressed his desire to work with his wife, Becky Lynch, on WWE programming once again.

This comes after their initial on-screen partnership didn’t quite hit the mark. Rollins, during a recent interview with Shakiel Mahjouri of CBS Sports, shared his thoughts on their first attempt and his hopes for a potential second shot.

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The First Attempt: A Mismatch of WWE Characters and Mindsets

Rollins candidly admitted that their first on-screen collaboration, which took place four years ago, was not as successful as they had hoped. He attributed this to the fact that both their characters and their personal mindsets were in completely different places at the time.

Rollins confessed that he was grappling with self-doubt and depression, unsure of his identity both on and off the screen.

He was desperately trying to find something that would resonate with the audience and help him regain his footing.

On the other hand, Lynch’s character was soaring high. She was portrayed as “The Man,” a tough, no-nonsense character reminiscent of Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, she found it challenging to reconcile this strong, independent persona with her real-life role as a wife and love interest.

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The Struggle of Blending Fiction and Reality

Rollins pointed out that one of the inherent challenges of their profession is the blending of fiction and reality.

This can often lead to confusion among the audience, who may struggle to separate the characters from the real people behind them.

This was particularly true in their case, as their real-life relationship was turned into a storyline.

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