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WCW Legend RIPS into AEW for backstage DRAMA and LEAKS

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The wrestling world is no stranger to backstage drama, and AEW (All Elite Wrestling) is currently in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Eric Bischoff, a legend from WCW (World Championship Wrestling), has recently voiced his concerns about the lack of professionalism in AEW, especially regarding the leaking of confidential information to the press.

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Bischoff’s Take on AEW Backstage Issues

Eric Bischoff, who has vast experience in the wrestling industry, particularly during his time leading WCW, is no stranger to stories leaking to the media.

He has faced his fair share of controversies and understands the detrimental effects bad press can have on an organisation. Recently, on his ‘83 Weeks‘ podcast, Bischoff delved into AEW’s current backstage issues.

He expressed his concerns about the apparent unprofessionalism that seems to be rampant not just in AEW but also in WWE.

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The Problem with Leaks

Bischoff emphasised the gravity of the situation by pointing out that someone within the organisation is communicating with external news sites.

He believes that such internal matters should remain confidential and be dealt with internally.

Bischoff stated, “This is, in my opinion, confidential, proprietary information that should not be talked about with anybody.”

He further added that if there aren’t any clauses in the talent agreements that outline what they can and cannot disclose about AEW’s business, then there should be. If such clauses exist but aren’t enforced, then it’s a significant internal issue that needs addressing.

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Bischoff and AEW’s Relationship

It’s evident that Bischoff doesn’t mince his words when discussing AEW’s business practices. There seems to be a rift between him and Tony Khan, AEW’s president, as they aren’t communicating as they might have in the past.

This situation has led many to speculate about the nature of their relationship and where Bischoff stands regarding AEW’s ongoing issues.

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AEW: Backstage Drama Continues

AEW has been in the news frequently, with numerous stories emerging, particularly around CM Punk.

The continuous flow of leaks and backstage drama suggests that there are individuals within the organisation ready to disclose information at the drop of a hat.

This situation raises questions about the company’s internal dynamics and whether Tony Khan should take a more assertive stance to curb these leaks.

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