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MASSIVE AEW star SHOOTS DOWN rumours that he HATES Cody Rhodes

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The Young Bucks, comprising of brothers Nick and Matt Jackson, have carved a niche for themselves in the wrestling world. Their unique approach to the business side of wrestling, combined with their in-ring prowess, has made them stand out. They were among the foundational members of AEW, serving not just as top-tier performers but also as Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs). For some time now, whispers have been circulating about a supposed rift between The Young Bucks and another AEW stalwart, Cody Rhodes.

Cody, too, held the position of EVP during his tenure with AEW. Despite his departure from the company, it’s well-known that he and The Young Bucks have maintained their camaraderie.

Yet, the wrestling community has been rife with speculation that Cody and The Elite (a group that includes The Young Bucks) can’t stand each other.

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Nick Jackson Clears the Air about Cody Rhodes

Nick Jackson, one-half of The Young Bucks, recently took to social media to address these rumours head-on. On his Instagram story, he shared a photograph of Cody Rhodes from the original All In event.

His caption was a direct message to those fuelling the speculations. He stated, “This doesn’t happen without you. Spoiler alert for the people who say we hate each other. That isn’t true.”

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AEW All In: A Testament to Unity

The mention of the All In event is significant. This event was a monumental success for AEW and showcased the unity and collaboration of its top stars, including Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks.

The fact that Nick chose this particular event to make his point underscores the deep bond that exists between them.

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The Fans React

The wrestling community is vast, and opinions are diverse. While many were surprised to hear that such rumours existed in the first place, others felt vindicated by Nick’s clarification.

The overarching sentiment, however, is one of appreciation for the transparency shown by the AEW star.

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