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Becky Lynch: MAJOR rumour on her status after WWE NXT title win

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Becky Lynch, the fiery Irish wrestler known to many as “The Man”, recently made waves in the wrestling world with her unexpected appearance on WWE’s NXT.

Not only did she show up, but she also quickly set her sights on the NXT Women’s Title, challenging Tiffany Stratton. The wrestling community was abuzz with anticipation, and when the dust settled, Becky emerged as the new NXT Women’s Champion.

But this victory has left fans and pundits alike pondering a significant question: What’s next for Becky Lynch?

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Becky’s Surprise NXT Appearance

Becky’s sudden appearance on NXT was nothing short of a shock for many. The brand, which airs on Tuesday nights, has recently seen several main roster Superstars gracing its ring.

This move by WWE seems to be a strategic one, especially considering the upcoming television rights deals. The inclusion of top-tier talent like Becky is undoubtedly a way to bolster the show’s appeal and viewership.

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Becky Lynch: Main Roster or NXT?

Rumours have been swirling about Becky’s future in WWE following her NXT Women’s Title win. Some speculated that she might be taking a hiatus from the main roster to focus solely on NXT.

However, insider sources have apparently quashed these rumours, with Ringside News claiming that Lynch will be appearing across both NXT and the main roster: “Ringside News asked around the main roster WWE creative team about Becky Lynch’s NXT return. We were rhetorically asked in return, ‘aren’t a lot of main roster performers doing stints in NXT while still remaining on the main roster?'”

“When we asked if Becky Lynch is taking a break from the main roster to focus on NXT, we were told, ‘Not that I’ve heard of.’ It is apparent that WWE plans to have Becky Lynch continue as NXT Women’s Champion on the main roster” the site added.

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The Impact of Becky’s NXT Win

Becky’s victory in NXT is not just a personal milestone in her illustrious career; it also has broader implications for the brand.

With her win, Becky has brought significant attention to NXT, which is often viewed as WWE’s developmental brand. Furthermore, she’s not the only main roster Superstar holding an NXT title.

Dominik Mysterio, another renowned wrestler, is also an NXT titleholder. This crossover of main roster talent to NXT is a testament to WWE’s commitment to elevating the brand.

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Becky Lynch: A Boost for NXT’s Viewership?

One of the intriguing outcomes to watch in the aftermath of Becky’s title win will be the viewership numbers for NXT. Given her immense popularity and the buzz her win has created, there’s a strong possibility that NXT’s ratings could see a significant uptick.

After all, Becky’s NXT Women’s Title win is undeniably a monumental moment in her career, and fans will be eager to follow her journey on the brand.

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