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Matt Riddle: WWE Commentator claims he was a LIABILITY and NEEDED to be RELEASED

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The world of professional wrestling never ceases to surprise its fans, and the recent release of Matt Riddle from WWE has been no exception.

The aftermath of his release has been filled with comments, speculations, and revelations. Among the most notable voices to weigh in on the matter is two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T.

Booker T, a seasoned commentator and a respected figure in the wrestling community, recently shared his thoughts on Matt Riddle’s departure from WWE during his Hall of Fame podcast. He candidly stated that Riddle had become a “liability” for the company. According to Booker T, there’s a limit to what can be tolerated, and when someone becomes a liability, their time with the organisation is often limited.

The WWE legend further elaborated, saying he wasn’t particularly shocked by Riddle’s release. In his words, “I was not shocked or surprised this happened. You put yourself in a position for something to happen. Nine times out of ten it will happen.”

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Controversies Surrounding Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle’s WWE journey wasn’t without its share of controversies. From issues outside the JFK Airport to the leaked tape incident after his rehab stint, Riddle’s actions outside the ring garnered significant attention.

Such incidents, as Booker T suggests, can often overshadow a wrestler’s in-ring capabilities and become a cause for concern for the company.

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What’s Next for Matt Riddle?

The future remains uncertain for Riddle. While he might have other opportunities in the pro wrestling world, it’s yet to be seen where he will land next.

There’s speculation that AEW could be an option for him. However, as Booker T pointed out, even AEW would be taking a risk by bringing him on board, given his recent history.

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1. Why was Matt Riddle released from WWE? While the exact reasons for Matt Riddle’s release have not been officially stated, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has commented that Riddle had become a “liability” for the company.

2. What controversies was Matt Riddle involved in? Matt Riddle faced several controversies, including issues outside the JFK Airport and a leaked tape incident after his time in rehab.

3. Is AEW a potential next step for Matt Riddle? There’s speculation about AEW being an option for Riddle. However, considering his recent controversies, even AEW might see it as a risk.

4. What did Booker T say about Matt Riddle’s release? Booker T stated that he wasn’t surprised by Riddle’s release and mentioned that when someone becomes a liability, their association with the company often comes to an end.

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