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Paul Heyman HITS BACK at WWE Hall of Famer saying he’s FULL OF SH*T

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Paul Heyman has hit back at Kurt Angle for saying that The Bloodline is “making sh*t up.”

The latest chapter of The Bloodline’s story was written at SummerSlam when Roman Reigns defended his world title against Jey Uso. Jey couldn’t win the title due to interference from his brother Jimmy.

This match received mixed reactions from fans with many saying that it wasn’t up to the usual standard of the faction.

Paul Heyman however, claimed that it was a success and that The Bloodline saga had not even hit its stride yet.

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Paul Heyman hits back

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle reacted to these remarks from Heyman on the latest episode of his podcast. He claimed that Paul was ‘full of sh*t’ and they are having to make things up to keep the story going:

“The storyline is great, I love it, but I think Heyman was full of sh*t, I think they’re in the eighth inning, and they’re stressed.

“They’re making sh*t up now. That’s what I believe. Paul Heyman, I know him, and I know that he’s probably going cr*zy right now, ‘What do we do next?'”

Paul Heyman has since responded to these comments. Taking some shots of his own at the WWE Hall of Famer. Heyman wrote: “No matter what inning we’re in, at least we’re not looking for exposure thru the next Old Timer’s Day. And just for the record, I typed this tweet with a broken freakin’ fingernail!”

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